Thank  you for taking the time to see more information on our volunteer fire fighter program.  If you are ready and willing to help yourself and your community then we hope you will join us soon.  There is no better feeling than that of knowing you were there to help someone in thier time of need.

Westside Fire and Rescue is actively looking for new members to join our organization. There are many benefits to joining the fire service, including education, training, experience, and even many lasting friendships.

There are a few simple requirements and procedures that are common to all types of memberships in the department. These are:

  • Must be 18 Years of Age (Active Fire Fighters, Juniors are 14-18 years old)
  • Graduation from an accredited High School or Equivalent
  • Good Moral Character
  •  Willingness to Help your Community

We invite you to join us on Monday Nights to pick up an application packet or feel free to stop by Station 13 (225 Westside Circle) Monday - Friday to talk with our staff about volunteering and pick up your application.