General Statement of Duties:

.Performs fire prevention and firefighting duties: does related work as required.

Distinguisheing Features of the Class:

This is standardized manual work of a hazardous nature involving fighting fires and salvage and rescue work under the immediate supervision of superior officers. Routine maintenance and custodial work on station and equipment is performed under general supervision and inspected upon completion.

Examples of Work (Illustrative Only)

Responds to fire alarms and emergency calls.
Lays and connect hose lines and nozzles, turn water on and off.
Holds fire hose and directs the stream.
Operates a pressure pump.
Puts up and climbs ladder, and enters burning buildings when necessary.
Makes openings in burning buildings for ventilation and entrance.
Performs salvage operations at scenes of fire, such as covering furniture with tarpaulins and cleaning up debris.
Removes persons from burning buildings.
Learns and practices new methods.
Drives and operates motor-driven firefighting equipment.
Performs miscellaneous clerical work when assigned.
Assists in giving emergency first aid treatment to injured persons.
Cleans and maintains firefighting equipment.
Performs a variety of tasks in connection with the maintenances and repair of buildings and grounds.
Performs fire prevention inspections.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Mental alertness; mechanical aptitude; ability to get along well with others; willingness to perform and task assigned; conscientiousness and dependability; excellent physical condition.

Acceptable Experience and Training:

Graduation from a standard senior high school; or any equivalent combination of experience and training sufficient to indicate ability to do the work.

Special Requirements:

Age: 18 years

Height, weight and physical condition: in accordance with adopted standards.

Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license at time of appointment.

Residence: Reside in immediate vicinity of Westside fire district.